Welcome back to the second half of our two-part article on tackling the aftermath of a car accident and car accident claims. Last time, we talked about what to do immediately afterward; how to get yourself to safety after being hit, gather information about the accident for your insurance claim, and make it home afterward. But the aftermath of a car accident doesn’t stop there. The next step is to tackle the long and often treacherous process of filing your insurance claim, not getting tripped up by the insurance company, and possibly dealing with a personal injury suit in addition.

Car Accident Aftermath Isn’t Always Simple

Car accidents are unpleasant enough without insurance rigmarole. But there is often a maze of paperwork and doctor’s visits, insurance inquiries afterward to deal with. The biggest problem being that insurance companies are designed to lowball claimants, even when you’ve been paying for a complete policy for years.

Insurance companies don’t want to pay out. They’ll do everything possible to undermine your need for medical care and vehicle repairs so they don’t have to pay. Which is why you will need to protect yourself and tread carefully at every turn

Calling a Lawyer After a Car Accident

One of the best things you can do after a car accident to reduce the hassle is to call a lawyer. A car accident lawyer has seen every trick insurance companies have used against hapless and often upset, injured, and tired claimants to under pay or even blame the claimant so the insurance company doesn’t have to pay. A lawyer can help prevent you from falling into traps and they know how to negotiate a better-than-offered settlement and how to file all the right paperwork to make it happen in the bureaucratic maze that insurance companies create.

A lawyer protects you from the accusations of the other driver’s insurance that you were at fault or at greater fault than you were in order to reduce the amount you are paid. You may even have to sue an insurance company to force them to payout.

It’s Time to Call a Lawyer

It’s always smart to seek a consultation immediately post-accident. This course of action is best done before you submit any car accident claims to ensure that everything is in order and you haven’t missed any vital components to your case. Legal guidance by a licensed professional will allow for a smooth process that provides thorough investigation and a game plan moving forward, as well as takes the pressure off of your shoulders.

Signs that you will certainly require legal counsel are if the insurance company starts making strange or demanding requests before making an offer, if you are being accused of unreasonable fault, or you’re not being paid the agreed settlement. A lawyer is your best defense against these attacks and the optimal path for being paid your rightful recovery amount. They are here to help you!

Protecting Yourself from Insurance Company Tricks

During this process, it’s important to know that insurance companies have tricks up their sleeve to hurt your claim amount or deny your claim entirely. Lawyers understand the ins and outs of these companies and are able to walk you through your options and rights. We’ll wrap up by sharing a few pointers on how to protect yourself from insurance company tricks.

Don’t Give a Recorded Statement – Without a Lawyer Present

Recorded statements are almost universally used to hurt the person being asked to give them. Insurance companies and their interviewers are master manipulators. They are usually trying to trick you into saying something that will, ultimately, limit your claim or dissolve it altogether. They will ask you leading questions, try to get you to admit fault or additional information, or that you weren’t paying attention. No matter how it’s portrayed, it is completely within your rights to request an attorney’s presence during statement collection.

Don’t See an Insurance Company Doctor – Get a Report from Your Doctor

An insurance company may request a defendant insurance company doctor be utilized. It’s important to remember that this doctor is paid by the insurance company to minimize the extent of your injuries. Their opinion will be considered medically valid, but may not have your best interests primarily represented. Instead, go to your own doctor or a neutral third-party doctor and ask them for a fully documented report. Send that to the insurance company.

Build a Portfolio of Facts, Including Photos and Medical Bills

Gather photos as the scene of your car, the scene, the other car, and your injuries. Get a copy of the police report. Collect your medical records and medical bills from the accident aftermath. Build your own portfolio of facts and prepare to use it. The insurance company will try to build a damaging collection of documents. Your facts can refute any skewed data they put together to damage your claim.

Remember, insurance companies are for profit businesses. Their goal is to make money for shareholders, not to pay the true value of legitimate car accident claims. If you’ve been in an accident and are being lowballed or overwhelmed, an experienced car accident lawyer can help. We’ll help you navigate the bureaucratic maze and get the claim you deserve based on the policies and facts involved. Call The Crash Lawyers to fight for your rights after a car accident.

Contact us today for a consultation on your case and guidance towards successfully putting this accident behind you for good.

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