What is a Family Law Attorney and What Can They Do for Me?

Searching for a family law attorney can be intimidating and emotional. As family law attorneys in the Tampa area, we want to provide you with an overview of the topic. We will also give you some advice to heed when choosing your family law attorney.

Family law attorneys can help their clients with a variety of issues. Everything incidental to marriage, divorce, paternity, custody, elder care, and guardianship. However, the overwhelming majority of cases tend to center upon one or more spouses who are considering divorce. Or, parents who are trying to fight for custody/visitation rights for their minor children.

In this post, we explore how family law attorneys can assist in the major types of cases.

Family Law Attorney for Separation and Divorce

When one or both spouses realize that a divorce is on the horizon, it’s customary to seek legal advice. When you consult a family law attorney, you’ll be informed of what documentation you will need in order to prepare you for your divorce. As well, what kinds of decisions will be made during the divorce process. A family law attorney can serve as a level-headed advisor. They will consider your options and interests throughout the divorce process. Or, your attorney can take the approach of helping you and protecting you and your interests against your spouse. You should always choose an attorney who respects the needs of you and your kids. In the end, everyone in the immediate household will be much happier if their needs are met, financially and emotionally. Which is why it is important that financial and parenting arrangements are reasonable enough for both parents to obtain.

Family Law Attorney for Child Paternity

When a mother is trying to establish paternity or obtain financial support for her child a family law attorney may be needed. Or, when a father wants to request testing to determine if a child is his or not. Child paternity cases can become very difficult, but may also be required by the courts. Especially if the child receives public assistance benefits or has entered the child welfare caseload. (i.e. the cases of foster children)

Family Law Attorney for Child Custody/Visitation

As you are experiencing the breakup of a marriage, involving children under age 18, you may need help securing time with your child. As well as participating in decision-making regarding his or her education, outside activities, and medical care. Your attorney should consider who has been caring for the children and meeting their needs over the last few years. However, these arrangements may change because one or both parents may need to go back to work to support their household. Furthermore, a child who is age 14 or older may give input as to where he or he would like to live.

Family Law Attorney for Co-Parenting

The current Florida legal environment supports giving minor children equal access to both parents. The courts require the development of a parenting plan, which includes a workable schedule for day-time and night-time care of each child. In a parenting plan, the parents agree who will be responsible for getting the children to and from school and/or daycare and providing their meals. There will also be provisions for weekends, holidays, and dates when school is not in session. A plan may take into consideration each parent’s work schedule and other obligations such as attending college classes and caring for disabled family members. In this type of plan, a minor child may stay with one parent during the day and always sleep overnight with the other parent. Alternatively, a child may travel back and forth between both households and have overnight stays in both residences. One parent may be designated as the primary parent for making certain kinds of decisions.

You need a family lawyer who is sensitive to the particulars of your family situation and any minor children affected by divorce. You’ll want to find someone who will investigate the facts of the case and research the options under the law before recommending any action. You and your children deserve comprehensive legal representation and access to the attorney when problems may arise with your ex-partner. The attorney’s at Melkonian PA will provide you with this type of legal representation. Contact us with any questions and/or concerns that you may have during this difficult process. We offer free consultations to all seeking legal help.

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