If you’re asking the common question “Do I need personal injury protection insurance,” ask this first:

If you were in a car accident and were injured, would your insurance pay for your medical bills? What if you were a passenger in a friend’s car and were injured in an accident?

Is there any way to ensure that your medical bills would be covered?Fortunately, there is. 

Personal injury protection (PIP) car insurance.


A personal injury protection insurance policy will pay for things like your medical bills. It could also cover some or all of your wages in the event you suffer injuries in a car accident. That applies if you’re driving your own car and if you are a passenger in someone else’s car.  

Although PIP is optional in most states, there are 16 states which require you to have PIP coverage. (Florida being one of them.) So, if you’re a Florida resident asking, “Do I need personal injury protection?Yes, you do.

There are instances in which the coverage you get through PIP will overlap with coverage from a health insurance policy. Which means, you’ll need to carefully review what is (and isn’t) in your health insurance.

This is how Lending Tree defines personal injury protection:

“Personal injury protection, also known as “no-fault insurance,” pays the medical bills and rehabilitative costs for you and your passengers after you’re injured in a car accident. PIP also extends to instances when you’re a passenger in someone else’s car, or if you’re hit by a car while a pedestrian or cyclist. PIP insurance is different than bodily injury liability insurance in that, while PIP coverage pays for your own expenses, liability insurance pays for the medical expenses of drivers and passengers in other cars when you are at fault for an accident.”


PIP insurance (also known as no-fault insurance) will cover medical bills for any necessary procedures. It will also cover up to a specified amount of rehabilitation expenses up. As long as those expenses are reasonable. The specifics of what’s covered under PIP are different from one state to another. So be sure to check with your insurance agent (or a personal injury attorney) to get the facts for your state.

Personal injury protection will cover things like: medical operations, hospitalization, professional care and lost wages if you’re unable to work. It will also cover some home care expenses (like those for childcare and house cleaning), as well as funeral expenses and accidental death benefits.


If you live in one of the 16 states (including Florida) where having PIP is mandatory, you should find out what your total PIP coverage is.  An experienced personal injury attorney can help with filing your PIP claim. They can also show you what steps to take once you exceed the total coverage under that plan.  

Even if your state doesn’t require PIP insurance, you should consider having it. The substantial insurance benefits are hard to beat. After all, you can’t assume that you won’t be in a car accident. Having PIP coverage will give you an added layer of protection—not to mention peace of mind.

A personal injury protection policy offers excellent insurance benefits. Even if your state does not require having PIP, you should consider it. After all, you can’t assume that you won’t be in a car accident. Having PIP coverage will give you an added layer of protection—not to mention peace of mind.


Making decisions about insurance is difficult under the best of circumstances. They’re more difficult when you’re dealing with the stress of having been in a car accident.  That’s why you should always work with an experienced personal injury lawyer who can give you the advice and guidance you need. Such an attorney will work closely with you, helping you  make smart decisions about the future. The Crash Lawyer insists on giving every one of our clients both competent and aggressive personal injury representation and to help them in any way we can. We fight to ensure that your rights are protected, and that they get the financial help they need.  To learn more about our personal injury services in Tampa Bay, contact us today.

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