Family Law

Want to keep what you have fought so hard to obtain? A premarital agreement may be what you need! Premarital agreements are, essentially, contracts between potential spouses, prior to marriage.

A premarital agreement will address issues involving the distribution of property, stocks, bank accounts, investments, businesses, debts, child support, alimony, and a multitude of other potential issues that may emerge during a divorce.

The creation of a premarital agreement varies among the states; in order for a premarital agreement to be enforceable several criteria must be met, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Full and Fair disclosure of assets;
  • No concealment of assets;
  • Voluntarily and knowingly signing the agreement;
  • Reasonableness of the agreement;
  • No appearance of unconscionability;
  • No fraud, duress, or undue influence;
  • Time for consideration and reflection; and Council.
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As with any contract, public policy concerns are always taken into consideration by a court of law. Therefore, a premarital agreement that contains a clause waiving child support payments or condoning illegal activities will be set aside by a court of law.

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