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Zack Melkonian

Zack Melkonian is a personal injury lawyer that represents car accident victims. He graduated from Thomas M. Cooley Law school in 1997 and was the school’s parliamentarian representing the student body. He became a member of the Florida Bar April 1998 and began practicing law for the biggest personal injury attorney in the greater Tampa Bay area. The apprenticeship was…

Shant R. Melkonian

Shant R. Melkonian, Esq., is in the firm’s litigation group. His practice primarily involves the prosecution of Plaintiff’s personal injury cases. Mr. Melkonian personally handles a wide variety of cases, including but not limited to, first-party insurance litigation, third-party insurance litigation, motor vehicle collision, trucking collisions, negligent hiring/training/supervision, Medical malpractice, nursing home negligence, sexual assault and battery, negligent surveillance and…

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At Melkonian, P.A.,we want to be your Tampa Bay personal injury law firm, we take your business personally and always fight the good fight! We are committed to providing all of our clients with competent and zealous representation. At Melkonian, P.A. we understand the hardship our clients experience as a result of an accident and injury. If you are looking for help with issues regarding your auto accident, personal injury, medical expenses, property damage, and lost wages, you have come to the right place! At Melkonian, P.A., our staff is dedicated to your well being and it is our goal to make you whole, physically and financially.

At Melkonian, P.A., we are aware of how devastating an accident or injury can be, not only to yourself, but also to your family, regardless of how minor or catastrophic your accident was. It is our goal to make you whole, so you can get back to work, taking care of those that matter to you. We do this because you matter to us. At Melkonian, P.A., we understand that when you come to us, you are often upset, anxious, and unsure of how to proceed. We care about the outcome of your case and have the experience to help you.

Often, an injured individual does not have the ability or knowledge to resolve a claim on his or her own. Insurance carriers will often stall and undervalue the nature and extent of an injured individual’s claim, in hopes of reducing the value of your claim. Melkonian, P.A. is here to assist you. You need and deserve a caring and experienced legal advocate who understands how you feel.

Our initial consultation is free, and because we work on a contingency fee basis, there are no fees or costs unless we win! Melkonian, P.A. handles thousands of claims throughout the state of Florida. Let us help you get the compensation that you deserve. We are skilled in helping you achieve the full and fair compensation you are entitled to by law.

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